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Husqvarna Viking Designer SeHusqvarna-Viking

Designer SE Limited Edition

Turn on the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition.  As the largest Interactive Designer Screen greets you, and rows of long-lasting diodes light up to provide an optimum setting, your perception of sewing and embroidery will change forever.


Husqvarna-viking designer se Limited Edition product description

The Designer SE LE is truly intuitive yet technically astounding. It features the very latest in sewing that will enhance your creativity and the joy of sewing. It has built-in Sewing and Embroidery Advisors, it includes two USB ports, not to mention impressive Interactive 3D Embroidery capabilities.

The newest invention from Sweden was created from your sewing desires. Designer SE's built-in flexibility and adaptability will give you joy for years to come.

DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition exclusive gift package.

Gift Package Worth Over $2000.00!

  • Limited Edition Accessory Bag
  • Limited Edition Terry Fox Embroidery Collection
  • Limited Edition 1 GB USB Embroidery Stick with designs, projects, instructions and more
  • Voucher for $500 Shopping Spree on
  •  myEmbroideries-viking.jpg
  • Limited Edition Key Ring
  • Exclusive Terry Fox embroidery collection
  • Exclusive "Sue Hausmann's Favorite Toy Sewing Machine" embroidery collection
  • Enjoy Plus! Package valued at over $600.00
  • DVD's of 8 "Best of America Sews" including projects and instructions
  • DVD's of Quick, Quicker, Quickest projects and design files
  • CD of the "Best of HUSQVARNA VIKING®" projects and design files
  • DVD preview of Two New PBS TV shows, including instructions on how to insert "cuts" into your existing designs


New Limited Edition Embroidery Features:

Automatic Jump Stitch Trim
Time-saving embroideries; let your DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition automatically trim jump stitch threads for you.

Go To Exact Embroidery Stitch Number
"Quickly locate the exact stitch number you need."

Thread color name in Quick Help
Match threads by color name and number.

Embroidery Time by Color
"Automatically displays the embroidery time by color so you know how long it takes to embroider."

Increased Embroidery Speed
Faster embroidery speed gives you more time to do more sewing!

Interactive DESIGNER® Screen

The large Interactive DESIGNER® Screen with 3D view is the first thing to draw your attention to the excellent Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition. In addition to its impressive size, the Interactive DESIGNER® Screen is also the easiest to use. Simply use your stylus, or an optional USB mouse, to activate any function, any stitch, any information, with a touch!

Interactive 3D embrodiery

See all the beauty and detail of your designs in actual thread colors on the Interactive DESIGNER® Screen in 3D. To save time, select a 3D background color that matches your fabric to see how your designs will look on the project before embroidering!

E light™

Rows of long-lasting light-emitting diodes (LED), above the free arm and the needle, give perfect natural lighting, minimize shadows and provide optimum light for sewing. Adjust intensity and color tone of light to see your fabric in true color.

Exclusive Sensor System

The Exclusive Sensor System on the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition is like having a helping hand! The Sensor System automatically lowers and raises the presser foot and adjusts the presser foot pressure for any fabric thickness, ensuring perfect feeding. There is even an extra lift position, where the Sensor System lowers the feed teeth for maximum space to slide thick sewing projects, like quilts, under the foot easily. Arrows on the screen will show the needle stop position. Stop sewing with your needle down and the Sensor System automatically raises your presser foot to a pivot position, a perfect floating position for the thickness of your fabric. Both hands are free to guide your fabric.

Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature

Instant help is always available thanks to the Exclusive Embroidery Advisor™ feature that instantly recommends the best needle and stabilizer to use, as well as top and bobbin thread when you enter your type and weight of fabric. Override anytime for specialty techniques.

Exclusive Embroidery Advisor™ feature

Simply enter your fabric type, weight and sewing technique and get the perfect stitch. The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature on DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition sets the best stitch, stitch width and length, thread tension, sewing speed and Sensor Foot Pressure. It also recommends the best presser foot, the proper needle, if stabilizer is needed and more. Override anytime for specialty techniques.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® USB embroidery stick

Save your designs on the extra 1GB USB Embroidery Stick included with your DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition, or the 256 MB HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Stick. This eliminates the need to place your computer and your sewing machine side-byside to transfer designs.

USB connectivity

Save your designs on the extra 1GB USB Embroidery Stick included with your DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition, or the 256 MB HUSQVARNA VIKING® Embroidery Stick. This eliminates the need to place your computer and your sewing machine side-byside to transfer designs.

The Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition features two USB ports that enable you to transfer designs directly to and from your computer, optional floppy disk drive, or optional CD drive, via a USB Embroidery Stick.

Navigate your Interactive DESIGNER® Screen to quickly make changes or activate different functions using an optional mouse. For your convenience, the DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition is ready to handle most popular design formats available.


Easy updates

Download DESIGNER® SE Limited Edition updates via the Internet or at your HUSQVARNA VIKING® retailer.

Exclusive Selective Thread Cutter

In embroidery or sewing mode, one touch cuts the top and bobbin thread when you finish. When in embroidery mode, it automatically cuts only the top thread for color changes.

1000+ stitches

Every possible stitch you desire at your fingertips for endless creative opportunities.


Recalculates the number of stitches needed to resize designs.


Designed by Sewers for Sewers:
The Interactive Designer Screen, the largest of any sewing & embroidery machine with 3D view is impressive

Stitches and Designs:
The Designer SE LE has 16 stitch menus featuring more than 700 stitches. More than 170 embroidery designs are included with the Designer SE LE.

Automatic Jump stitch Trim:
Automatically trims jump stitch threads on designs with cut jump stitch commands.

Faster Embroidery Speed:
Faster embroidery speed gives you more time to do more sewing.

Exact Stitch Number:
Locate the exact stitch number you need in an instant and to display just how long it will take to embroider each color.

Quick Wind Bobbin
The Designer SE LE has a separate motor for bobbin winding to wind bobbins while sewing and embroidering.

Automatic Feed Teeth Drop
Feed teeth lower and raise automatically for embroidery and sewing techniques.

Easy Threading and Automatic Needle Threader
Follow easy thread guide arrows for up front threading convenience. Built-in automatic Needle Threader eliminates tedious hand threading. Automatic Bobbin Thread pick-up means bobbin thread comes up automatically.

Easy Programming
Program stitch, and/or lettering combinations, Stop, Fix and /or Selective Thread Cutter. Preview the stitches in actual size, horizontally, before you sew. Save stitch combinations in My Stitches or to a personal file or folder in File Manager.

Interactive Designer Customizing
Customize your designs directly on screen for Simply Excellent embroideries. Scale, mirror rotate designs and even resize the designs. Your Designer SE LE will recalculate the number of stitches needed to resize the design proportionally.

New E! Light
Easily adjust the warmth and intensity of the light.

Exclusive Sensor System
Presser foot lowers and rises automatically for every sewing technique

Exclusive Sewing Advisor:
Choose the fabric and sewing technique and the Designer SE LE will choose the length, width, thread tension, sewing speed and foot pressure

USB Connectivity
Designer SE LE is equipped with 2 USB ports (host and device) and supports a USB mouse

And Sew Much More

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