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Husqvarna Viking Prelude 370 Husqvarna Viking Prelude 350
PRELUDE370, 350


Husqvarna Viking Prelude 370, 350

Some use their sewing machine almost every day, sort of like a favorite purse. Some use it about as often as a weekend traveling bag and some just every now and then, like with a larger suitcase. Anyhow, when you do need it, it has to be reliable and suit your sewing needs. The quality-built Husqvarna Viking Prelude 370 and 350 are developed to do just that! Both models have many convenient features and are great for all kinds of utility and creative sewing.

Features and Benefits
  • Made in Sweden
  • Perfectly balanced buttonholes means both columns of your buttonhole are sewn in the same direction.
  • All settings at your fingertips.
  • Quick lift presser foot. Fast and easy for right or left handed. Plus extra lift for bulky projects.
  • Easy stitch selection.
  • Variable stitch width.
  • Simplified Sewing Guide chart positioned under the lid in the accessory box.
  • Needle threader.
  • Stitch length and presser foot are recommended.
  • Metal one piece casting. Strong, no vibration.
  • Permanently lubricated. No oil means no stains on fabric.
  • 10 snap on and off presser feet.
  • Light weight. Built in for portability.
  • TQF. Total Quality Feed - Feeds all types of fabric perfectly.
  • Jamproof full rotary hook. Smooth sewing with no hassles.
  • Top load drop in bobbin with see through magnifying window.
  • Three thread cutters.
  • The Prelude 370 features 23 stitches and the 350 has 15 including utility stitches for sewing and mending, tri-motion stitches for knits, as well as, reinforcing and decorative stitches for creative projects.
  • Stitch Selection Guide.
  • The Stitch Variation Guide on Prelude 370 suggests 16 alternative results.
  • 22 needle positions. Perfect topstitching and quilting.
  • Instant and permanent reverse. Bartack and mend easily.
  • Stepless adjustable presser foot pressure. Sew any fabric weight/type with perfect result.
  • Bobbin winds from needle. No need to unthread and rethread.
  • Automatic bobbin thread pick-up. Makes sewing preparations fast and easy.
  • Electronic speed control. Stitch by stitch piercing power on all fabric weights.
  • Slim free arm. Easy sewing small projects.
  • Slide on accessory box with lift out tray for feet and bobbins.
  • Hard cover.
  • Horizontal or vertical thread spools. Thread reels off freely from any type of spool.


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