Viking Interlude 445, 435
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Husqvarna Viking Interlude 445
Husqvarna Viking Interlude 435
Husqvarna Viking Platinum 715


No Longer Available

Husqvarna Viking Interlude 445, 435

The computerized Interlude 445 and 435 sewing machines have many features that simplify your sewing. Set any of the 40 or 30 stitches, respectively, with easy-to-use touch buttons. The Interlude 445 also has a Sewing Advisor built in.




The Husqvarna Viking Interlude 445 and 435 sewing machines make sewing easier than ever. The Infodisplay™ window tells you everything you need to know: the stitch you are sewing, its length, width and more.  (The Viking Interlude 445 has the same features and stitches as the Husqvarna Viking Platinum 715)

Utility and decorative stitches. Both models have utility and decorative stitches. The Interlude 435 even has an automatic satin taper stitch for monograms and embroidery. All stitches are pictured on the front of the machine, so it’s easy to select the stitch you want. Also, the permanent memory in the Interlude 445 and 435 lets you program up to 30 different stitches!

Interlude - Features:

  • Jam-proof hook. Keeps the thread from getting tangled.
  • Perfectly Balanced Buttonholes (PBB) technology
  • Utility + creative stitches. The Interlude 435 has 30 different stitches including two buttonhole. The Interlude 445 has 40 stitches including 2 buttonholes.
  • Fix button. Press the fix button and the machine sews tie-off stitches and stops.
  • Exclusive Sewing Advisor on Interlude 445
  • Reverse, Stop, Fix, Mirroring side to side
  • No oiling necessary. Permanent lubrication means no oil on fabric.
  • Programmable. You can store up to 30 stitches in the memory.
  • 25 needle positions. Always the right position for accurate sewing when quilting and topstitching.
  • Easy threading. Open thread guides and a white presser foot ankle behind the eye of the needle make threading easy.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure. Feeds all weights and types of fabrics evenly.
  • Easy bobbin winding. The sewing mechanism disconnects automatically during winding, which stops automatically when the bobbin is full.
  • Carrying case. All Interludes are delivered with a practical storage case.
  • Easy bobbin winding. The sewing mechanism disconnects automatically during winding, which stops automatically when the bobbin is full.
  • Instant + permanent reverse. Tie off or keep both hands on the fabric when sewing in reverse.
  • Slide on Accessory tray. Practical storage of all accessories, within easy reach while you sew.
  • Made in Sweden
  • Plus so much more


...from date of purchase by the original Purchaser, except that electrical equipment (cables, motors, printed circuit boards, speed regulators, etc.) is warranted for a period of 5 years from purchase. Parts and conditions not covered by warranty include but not limited to needles, light bulbs, and belts. This warranty does not cover conditions unrelated to the material or workmanship of the sewing machine.

...on Cables, Motors, Printed Circuit Boards, Speed Regulators

...from the date of purchase will be free of charge on both parts and labor. Thereafter parts only will be provided free of charge in replacement of defective parts. All labor, diagnosis, and transportation costs which are required because of service will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The replaced item will not be returned to the original purchaser and becomes the property of T-CSC.