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Tri- County Sewing Center is not an Approved Husqvarna Viking Dealer



Made in Sweden

Ask for sewing advice and inspiration!

The Viking Platinum Royal 775 will give you both.

Many of us find sewing things for our home, family and wardrobe a fun and fulfilling pastime.

Especially the creative parts of sewing – choosing patterns, fabrics, colors and the sewing itself. (Plus the finished results of course!)

Trying out the perfect machine settings, on the other hand, is more of a necessity for most. Unless you own a sewing machine with the Husqvarna Viking Exclusive Sewing Advisor feature, like the Viking Platinum  775.The Sewing Advisor is like a built in sewing friend who chooses the right settings for you, leaving you with perfect stitches and some extra creative time for you to enjoy!

Free Accessories Included.  A $54.00 value with each new Viking Platinum 775.  While quantities last.






Candlewicking Foot

412 51 08-45

The Candlewicking Foot has a deep tunnel on the underside to feed over a build up stitching. Program a "French Knot" stitch on computer Husqvarna Viking sewing machines to sew the heirloom candlewicking technique.
For most computer models:
Prog: (zigzag stitch, width 2.0, length 0.0), enter this program seven times, (straight stitch, width 0, length 1.5-2.5) enter two times (experiment with length settings, the French Knots are spaced further apart with a longer stitch length).

Open Toe Foot

412 27 70-45

Satin Stitch applique, taper Stitches, and Decorative Stitches. Length and width as de-sired.
The tunnel on the underside of the foot feeds smoothly over the stitches and the open front gives greater visibility for accuracy.

1. Snap on foot.
2. Set decorative or satin stitch.
3. Sew.



Transparent Foot B

412 00 16-45

Satin stitch applique, taper stitches and dec-orative stitches. Length as desired. The tunnel on the underside of the foot feeds smoothly over the stitches. Because it is clear and has red guidelines, visibility and accuracy is improved. Use stabilizer as needed.

1. Snap on foot.
2. Set decorative or satin stitch.
3. Sew.



Wing Needle

411 31 42-01

Wing Needle has wide wings on the side of the needle to poke holes in the fabric when sewing entredeux and other hemstitches.


Features unique to the Viking Platinum 775

  • An "Exclusive Sewing Advisor" will choose the correct stitch, stitch width and length, and sewing speed when you enter the fabric type and the sewing technique.
  • You can see and edit stitches on the "Graphic Display". When you select your stitch, the correct stitch width and length, and sewing speed are automatically set. Thread tension, presser foot and presser foot pressure are also recommended.
  • Choose from outline block and a script alphabet, or use one or two of the permanent memories to also include Hiranga or Cyrillic alphabet.
  • "Twin Needle Safety:" Enter twin needle width and the 775 sets stitch width to eliminate broken needles.

Your personal Sewing Advisor
With the Sewing Advisor, an exclusive Husqvarna Viking feature, you can concentrate on the creative part of sewing. Enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique, and your Platinum 715, 735 or 775 instantly chooses the correct stitch, stitch width and length, and sewing speed. Thread tension, presser foot and presser foot pressure are recommended. The Infodisplay shows the exact status of your Sewing Advisor.

A stitch for every need
Select your stitch with the touch of a finger! The most commonly used stitches are presented graphically on the machine. This saves you from scrolling through menus to find the stitch you need. 

Memory functions and lettering
Lots of memory means that you can combine many stitches and letters. It makes it easier for you to name, label and date large projects, like quilts and curtains. Platinum 775 features four memories to program 55 stitches each. The 735 and 715 each have one memory to program up to 30 stitches.

Other comfort functions
Touch FIX to stop and lock any stitch instantly with tiny forward and backward stitches. Touch STOP to finish a stitch pattern at the end and tie off automatically. You can also program STOP to end your sewing at a specific stitch or program. The two built-in spool pins on your Platinum offer easy threading for twin needles and other specialty sewing and topstitching techniques.

The Platinum line of sewing machines all share the following features:

  • Easy threading
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Bobbin winds from needle
  • Automatic bobbin pick-up
  • Snap on and off presser feet
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • 25 needle positions
  • Stop function
  • Fix function
  • Mirror image
  • Instant and permanent reverse
  • Slide-on accessory box
  • Built-in ruler
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Jamproof rotary hook
  • Education package


...from date of purchase by the original Purchaser, except that electrical equipment (cables, motors, printed circuit boards, speed regulators, etc.) is warranted for a period of 5 years from purchase. Parts and conditions not covered by warranty include but not limited to needles, light bulbs, and belts. This warranty does not cover conditions unrelated to the material or workmanship of the sewing machine.

...on Cables, Motors, Printed Circuit Boards, Speed Regulators

...from the date of purchase will be free of charge on both parts and labor. Thereafter parts only will be provided free of charge in replacement of defective parts. All labor, diagnosis, and transportation costs which are required because of service will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The replaced item will not be returned to the original purchaser and becomes the property of T-CSC.