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Viking Quilt Designer II with Free Reader Writer and Software

Viking Quilt Designer II   MADE in SWEDEN  Quilting and optional embroidery - as easy as ever...If you are crazy about quilting and curious about embroidery – the Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II is a superb selection!  Quilt Designer II features the exclusive patented Sensor System that gives you unique qualities to make your sewing easier. Included with your machine, are four Stitch d-Cards with a total of 92 attractive stitches plus an alphabet. These cards are made with the latest technology and offer one-touch stitch selection on the large touch screen. You can also purchase more Stitch d-Cards as needed.  The Quilt Designer II can be transformed into an embroidery machine in an instant, by simply sliding the optional embroidery unit onto the free arm. Quilt Designer II lets you concentrate on the creative process and create exquisite quilts faster than ever before!


The most inventive features of the Quilt Designer II include:

  • The Exclusive Sensor System that automatically lowers the presser foot, raises it when it's time to pivot, and senses the thickness of the fabric and moves over seams and varying thicknesses with even pressure.
  • The Sewing Advisor instantly sets the ideal stitch, stitch width and length, thread tension, sewing speed, sensor foot pressure and recommends the presser foot and needle when you select your fabric type and weight and sewing technique.
    • Exclusive Sensor Foot Pressure automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure to the thickness of the fabric.
    • Exclusive Selective Thread Cutter cuts the top and bobbin thread close to the fabric when you finish embroidering or sewing. You can also program thread cut to automatically trim a programmed sequence.

    Other quilting features include:

    • A unique design that gives you plenty of space. The machine has the longest free arm of any home sewing machine, and the largest workspace inside the sewing arm.
    • Built-in needle threader that eliminates tedious hand threading

Bonus: Free Reader-Writer & Software ($200.00 Value) with every optional Embroidery Unit ordered with the Viking Quilt Designer II

The Viking Quilt Designer II Embroidery Unit is only $950.00,SAVE BIG when purchased with the Viking Quilt Designer II


4D d-Card Reader/Writer Kit

Manage designs on your computer for the Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II, Designer II, Platinum 955E, Platinum 950E or Platinum Plus.

4D d-Card Reader/Writer Kit includes:

·                       d-Card Reader/Writer hardware and USB cable

·                       Personal d-Card

·                       4D Organizer Software

Load embroideries in all major formats and send (one at a time) to a Personal d-Card.
Browse or search for your embroidery designs anywhere on your computer. Print your selected embroideries as full worksheets or thumbnail catalogs. Convert embroideries between many formats. Convert embroideries to images. Create a personal HTML catalog of your designs.


Optional Embroidery Unit
(Re-boxed to pack in all the extras)
What is included?

  • Hard Carry Case
  • Embroidery Unit
  • Large Hoop
  • Standard Hoop
  • Embroidery Template Large Hoop
  • Embroidery Template Standard Hoop
  • Template Pencil
  • 2 Pieces of Cotton Fabric
  • 2 Pieces of Stabilizer
  • 5 Spools Sulky 40 wt Rayon Thread
  • 1 Spool Sulky White Bobbin Thread

Stitch D Cards included with you Viking Quilt Designer II





Fashion Stitches, N1



30 stitches designed especially for fashion sewing include cables, loops, chains and more.



Quilt and Applique Stitches, E1


27 quilting stitches including 15 mm wide stippling stitch, ¼” piecing stitch, feathered satin stitch, and more.  Includes the Quilting Booklet with the sewing instruction to help you get started with different quilt techniques.



Block Alphabet, O1


Includes upper and lower case letters, numbers 0 -9 and special characters. 



Utility Stitches, A1


35 stitches used most for garment and project sewing, mending and darning.

Exclusive Features


Exclusive Sensor System

Start sewing, and the presser foot lowers auto-matically. Your hands never have to leave your work. Stop with the needle down and at the pivot position, and the foot floats to the appropriate height for turning and adjusting your quilt.

The Exclusive Sensor System »»




Exclusive Sewing Advisor

You select your fabric type, weight and sewing technique. The Sewing Advisor sets the stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread tension and speed, and recommends a presser foot and needle – all at your fingertips.



Exclusive Sensor Foot Pressure

Automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure to the thickness of the fabric. This means that you get perfect results when quilting with different fabrics or battings and when you have several layers of fabric.



Exclusive Selective Thread Cutter

One touch and the Selective Thread Cutter cuts the top and bobbin thread close to the fabric when you finish embroidering or sewing. You can also program thread cut to automatically trim a programmed sequence.


Optional Accessories


Embroidery Hoops

Embroidery hoops are available in sizes up 6” x 14.2” (360 x 150 mm)





Embroidery d-Cards

Pop an Embroidery d-Card into the machine to sew a design. There are thousands of embroideries to choose from and Husqvarna Viking is constantly adding more.


Embroidery Software

There are thousands of designs to choose from, as well as several advanced Husqvarna Viking embroidery software for creating your own designs on a computer.


Embroidery Features

V-QD2-Stitch-D-Card.jpg Stitch d-Cards
Included with your Quilt Designer II, are four Stitch d-Cards with one-touch stitch selection; Utility Stitches A1, Quilt/Appliqué E1, Block Alphabet 01 and fashion stitches N1. You can also purchase other Stitch d-Cards as needed. We offer a wide range of Stitch d-Cards, including the Quilt/Appliqué E2, with fantastic Crazy Quilt stitches.


One of the Stitch d-Cards that comes with the Quilt Designer II contains an alphabet of upper and lower-case block letters, as well as numbers and special characters. Perfect for labeling and dating your quilts.



Work space
The unique shape of the Quilt Designer II gives you plenty of space. The machine has the longest free arm of any home sewing machine, and the largest work space inside the sewing arm.



Quilter's Kit
Expand your Quilt Designer II with the optional Husqvarna Viking Quilter's Kit. It includes everything you need for easy, attractive quilting.



V-QD2-Needle-Threader.jpg Needle Threader
The built-in needle threader eliminates tedious hand threading.



Features and Benefits


Lowers automatically for every sewing technique.
Four positions: up, extra lift, pivot, and down. Your hands are free to guide fabric.

Stop with needle down, foot floats on fabric.

Automatically adjusts for any fabric thickness as you sew. Perfect even feed results.


Automatically cuts the top and bobbin thread when you finish embroidering, or sewing buttonhole with the Sensor Buttonhole Foot, or top thread only for embroidery color changes. One touch cuts the top and bobbin thread when you finish sewing. Touch while sewing to finish stitch pattern at end, cut top and bobbin thread and raise presser foot automatically.

Enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique, instantly the correct stitch, stitch width and length, thread tension, sewing speed and presser foot pressure are selected. Override anytime for specialty techniques.

One touch stitch selection. Help screen. See and edit stitch programs before you sew. Changes appear instantly.

Made In Sweden

Husqvarna Viking has engineered superior quality and cutting edge technology sewing machines for over 130 years.

Stitch d-Card A1
- Utility stitches
35 stitches used most for garment and project sewing, mending and darning.

Stitch d-Card E1
- Quilt and Appliqué Stitches
27 quilting stitches include 9 mm wide crazy patch stitches, 15 mm stippling stitch, hand look quilting, scant 1/4" piecing stitch, and more.

Stitch d-Card N1
- Fashion Stitches
30 stitches designed especially for fashion sewing include loops, chains and more.

Stitch d-Card O1
- Block alphabet
Includes upper and lower case letters, numbers 0-9 and special characters.

Sew With or Without Foot Control
Touch START to sew and to stop sewing. Perfect for long rows of stitching.

Truly Automatic Self Adjusting Tension
Quilt Designer II tension is set individually for every sewing technique and fabric.

Top and Bobbin Thread Sensor
Quilt Designer II stops sewing and alerts you when thread runs out or breaks.

Snap On and Off Presser Feet
Change presser feet quickly and easily.

Buttonhole Sensor Foot
Measures buttonhole size on all weights and types of fabric as you sew. Stops automatically. Sew as many perfect buttonholes as you need.

Dual Lights
Excellent illumination over work area and just above needle. Eliminates shadows in the sewing area while sewing at night.

Ergonomically Designed
Up-front convenient threading, bobbin winding and placement, free arm to the front of machine, all settings at your fingertips with simple function buttons and Touch Screen. One piece aluminum casting is lightweight yet strong, long lasting and prevents vibration.

Selectronic Needle Stop -right
Set needle stop up or down. Tap foot control or touch function button to move needle up or down at any time.

Electronic Power/Speed Control

Stitch by stitch control with full needle penetration at any speed.

Extra Lift
The extra lift position of the exclusive Sensor Foot Lift features more lift space than other machines to slide thick and heavy quilts and fabric under the foot easily.

Help Menu
Touch ? and your HELP MENU tells you everything you need to know to sew. Recommends needle type and size, stabilizer, buttonhole tips and more.

Bobbin Winds from Needle
No need to unthread or rethread to wind a bobbin.

Automatic Bobbin Thread Pick-up
No need to bring bobbin thread up manually.

Threading arrows
Guide top thread path for fast, easy threading.

Automatic Needle Threader
Built-in needle threader eliminates tedious hand threading.

Speed Adjustment
Touch SPEED to adjust to five sewing speeds according to your sewing project and skill level. Perfect for teaching sewing.

Stop Function
Touch STOP to finish stitch pattern at end and tie off automatically. Perfect for single stitch tying of quilts and quilted projects. Put into program to stop sewing at a specific stitch or program.

Fix Function
Touch FIX to stop and lock any stitch instantly with tiny forward and backward

Instant and Permanent Reverse
Touch reverse to sew any stitch back for lockstitch, and tie off. Touch reverse twice for continuous reverse.

25 Needle Positions
Set needle position perfectly for topstitching, zippers, quilting and specialty techniques and accessory presser feet.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Stitch Width
Adjust stitch width from 0 - 6 mm and for certain stitches up to 37 mm. Adjust stitch length from 0 - 6 mm for specialty sewing.

Permanently Lubricated
No oiling means no stains on fabric.

Jamproof Rotary Hook
No tangled threads or threads sewn down into the machine.

Largest Work Space Inside Sewing Arm and Longest Free Arm
Ergonomic design gives ample space for quilting and extra large projects. Together with Designer I, Quilt Designer II features the longest free arm in the industry.

Mirror Image
Flip stitches and/or stitch programs side to side and/or end to end for unlimited creative combinations.

Stitch Re-start
Touch Stitch Re-start to begin sewing at the start of any stitch. Any stitch length, width, mirror image or elongation alterations will be remembered.

Quick updates via Internet or at your Husqvarna Viking dealer via Personal d-Card
Download upgrades with the help of the d-Card Reader/Writer Kit.

Customize your favorite stitch, save and repeat it whenever you wish.

Easy Programming
See your stitch and/or lettering combinations horizontally as you put them into program.

Free Motion Sewing
Choose from free motion straight stitch and free motion zigzag to create fast, fun, and easy free motion sewing.

Twin Needle Safety
Enter twin needle width and your Quilt Designer II sets stitch width to eliminate broken needles.

Two Built-In Spool Pins
Easy threading for twin needle and other specialty sewing and topstitching techniques.

Increase or decrease the length of decorative satin stitches and Pictogram elements with elongation. The density of the stitch remains the same.

Permanent Memories
9 permanent memories, each holds 61 stitches for stitch and/or lettering programs up to 549 stitches.

Built in Ruler
Ruler on front base of Quilt Designer II lets you measure ribbing and elastic at your fingertips. Convert from inches to centimeters in an instant.

Slide-On Accessory Tray
Stores your bobbins, accessory feet, needles and more, right at your fingertips. Plus flatbed extension.

Attractive Carrying Case
Easy to carry and protects your Quilt Designer II and accessories for storage and/or transport.

Education Package
Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II User’s Guide with step by step teaching exercises and companion video. Husqvarna Viking Accessory User’s Guide teaches you how to use over 40 accessories to make specialty technique sewing faster and easier. Plus a Software booklet, all to guide and inspire your joy of sewing.


...from date of purchase by the original Purchaser, except that electrical equipment (cables, motors, printed circuit boards, speed regulators, etc.) is warranted for a period of 5 years from purchase. Parts and conditions not covered by warranty include but not limited to needles, light bulbs, and belts. This warranty does not cover conditions unrelated to the material or workmanship of the sewing machine.

...on Cables, Motors, Printed Circuit Boards, Speed Regulators

...from the date of purchase will be free of charge on both parts and labor. Thereafter parts only will be provided free of charge in replacement of defective parts. All labor, diagnosis, and transportation costs which are required because of service will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The replaced item will not be returned to the original purchaser and becomes the property of T-CSC.